Fixed-Term Analysis Tarot Spread

 From time to time a Seeker will want to know general information for a fixed term of time, such as what is to come in the coming month, the coming three months, or the coming year. The Fixed Term spread helps to answer such inquiries. When shuffling, both the practitioner and the applicant should reflect on the investigation at hand, precisely the span of time the seeker is talking for. The cards will be coded by the purpose and focus to respond to the given period of time.

Set out the spread as noted in the above diagram in the numerical order. Card 1 reflects an analytical dilemma, or matter of the mind, that within the given period would be most urgent. Card 2 is a question of the spirit, something that the seeker can evoke an emotional response. Card 3 reflects matters of the human body, which may include job issues, social events, or an individual incident to take place during the specified period.

Card 4 signifies the prior influences in which the seeker approaches the given term, the history that will still be significant throughout the given term. Card 5 illustrates the Seeker leaving the given term and what continuing problems will remain past the defined term to which the Seeker must pay heed.