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The Emperor ~ Meaning and Symbolism


After I learned the first three numbers I was given to
understand the Great Law of Four—the alpha and omega
of all.

I saw the Emperor on a lofty stone throne, ornament-
ed by four rams' heads. On his forehead shone a golden
helmet. His white beard fell over a purple mantle. In one
hand he held a sphere, the symbol of his possession, and
in the other, a sceptre in the form of an Egyptian cross—
the sign of his power over birth.

"I am The Great Law," the Emperor said. 

"I am the
name of God. The four letters of his name are in me and
I am in all.

"I am in the four principles. I am in the four elements
I am in the four seasons. I am in the four cardinal points I
am in the four signs of the Tarot.

"I am the beginning; I am action; I am completion I
am the result.

"For him who knows how to see me there are no
mysteries on earth.
"I am the great Pentacle.

"As the earth encloses in itself fire, water and air;
as the fourth letter of the Name encloses in itself the first
three and becomes itself the first, so my sceptre encloses
the complete triangle and bears in itself the seed of a new

"I am the Logos in the full aspect and the beginning of
a new Logos."

And while the Emperor spoke, his helmet shone
brighter and brighter, and his golden armour gleamed
beneath his mantle. I could not bear his glory and 1
lowered my eyes.

When I tried to lift them again a vivid light of radiant
fire was before me, and I prostrated myself and made
obeisance to the Fiery Word.