Friday, May 8, 2020

Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning & Symbolism

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The Magician ~ Meaning and Symbolism


I Saw the Man.
His figure reached from earth to heaven and was clad
in a purple mantle. He stood deep in foliage and flowers
and his head, on which was the head-band of an initiate,
seemed to disappear mysteriously in infinity.
Before him on a cube-shaped altar were four symbols
of magic—the sceptre, the cup, the sword and the

His right hand pointed to heaven, his left to earth.
Under his mantle he wore a white tunic girded with a
serpent swallowing its tail.
His face was luminous and serene, and, when his eyes
met mine, I felt that he saw most intimate recesses of my
soul. I saw myself reflected in him as in a mirror and in
his eyes I seemed to look upon myself.

And I heard a voice saying:
— "Look, this is the Great Magician!"
With his hands he unites heaven and earth, and the
four elements that form the world are controlled by him.
The four symbols before him are the four letters of the
name of God, the signs of the four elements, fire, water, air.

I trembled before the depth of the mysteries I touched...
The words I heard seemed to be uttered by the Great Magician
himself, and it was as though he spoke in me.
I was in deep trepidation and at moments I felt there was
nothing before me except the blue sky; but within me a
window opened through which I could see unearthly things and
hear unearthly words.

The Fool ~ Meaning and Symbolism


And I saw another man.
Tired and lame he dragged himself along the dusty road,
across the deserted plain under the scorching rays of the sun. He
glanced sidelong with foolish, staring eyes, a half smile, half leer
on his face; he knew not where he went, but was absorbed in
his chimerical dreams which ran constantly in the same circle.
His fool's cap was put on wrong side front, his garments were
torn in the back; a wild lynx with glowing eyes sprang upon him
from behind a rock and buried her teeth in his flesh. He
stumbled, nearly fell, but continued to drag himself along, all
the time holding on his shoulder a bag containing useless things,
which he, in his stupidity, carried wherever he went.
Before him a crevice crossed the road and a deep precipice
awaited the foolish wanderer. Then a huge crocodile with open
mouth crawled out of the precipice. And I heard the voice

"Look! This is the same man."
I felt my head whirl.

"What has he in the bag?" I inquired, not knowing
why I asked. And after a long silence the voice replied
"The four magic symbols, the sceptre, the cup, the sword
and the pentacle. The fool always carries them although
he has long since forgotten what they mean Nevertheless
they belong to him, even though he does not know their
use. The symbols have not lost their power, they retain it
in themselves.

The High Priestess ~ Meaning and Symbolism


When I lifted the first veil and entered the outer court
of the Temple of Initiation, I saw in half darkness the
figure of a woman sitting on a high throne between two
pillars of the temple, one white, and one black. Mystery
emanated from her and was about her. Sacred symbols
shone on her green dress; on her head was a golden tiara
surmounted by a two-horned moon; on her knees she
held two crossed keys and an open book. Between the
two pillars behind the woman hung another veil all
embroidered with green leaves and fruit of pomegranate.

And a voice said:

"To enter the Temple one must lift the second veil
and pass between the two pillars. And to pass thus, one
must obtain possession of the keys, read the book and
understand the symbols. Are you able to do this?"

"I would like to be able, " I said.

Then the woman turned her face to me and looked
into my eyes without speaking. And through me passed a
thrill, mysterious and penetrating like a golden wave;
tones vibrated in my brain, a flame was in my
heart, and I understood that she spoke to me, saying
without words:

"This is the Hall of Wisdom. No one can reveal it no
one can hide it. Like a flower it must grow and bloom in
thy soul. If thou wouldst plant the seed of this flower in
thy soul —learn to discern the real from false. Listen only
to the Voice that is soundless... Look only on that which is
invisible, and remember that in thee thyself, is the
Temple and the gate to it and the mystery, and the

The World ~ Meaning and Symbolism


An unexpected vision appeared to me. A circle not
unlike a wreath woven from rainbow and lightnings,
whirled from heaven to earth with a stupendous, velocity,
blinding me by its brilliance. And amidst this light and fire
I heard music and soft singing, thunderclaps and the roar
of a tempest, the rumble of falling mountains and

The circle whirled with a terrifying noise, touching the
sun and the earth, and, in the centre of it I saw the naked,
dancing figure of a beautiful young woman, enveloped by
a light, transparent scarf, in her hand she held a magic

Presently the four apocalyptical beasts began to appear
on the edges of the circle; one with the face of a lion,
another with the face of a man, the third, of an eagle and
the fourth, of a bull.

The vision disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. A
weird silence fell on me. "What does it mean?" I asked in

"It is the image of the world," the voice said, "but it
can be understood only after the Temple has been
entered. This is a vision of the world in the circle of
Time, amidst the four principles. But thou seest
differently because thou seest the world outside thyself
Learn to see it in thyself and thou wilt understand the
infinite essence, hidden in all illusory forms.

Understand that the world which thou knowest is only
one of the aspects of the infinite world, and things and
phenomena are merely hieroglyphics of deeper ideas.

The Empress ~ Meaning and Symbolism


I felt the breath of the spring, and accompanying the
fragrance of violets and lilies-of-the-valley I heard the
tender singing of elves. Rivulets murmured, the tree-tops
rustled, the grasses whispered, innumerable birds sang in
choruses and bees hummed; everywhere I felt the
breathing of joyful, living Nature.

The sun shone tenderly and softly and a little white
cloud hung over the woods.

In the midst of a green meadow where primroses
bloomed, I saw the Empress seated on a throne covered
with ivy and lilacs. A green wreath adorned her golden
hair and, above her head, shone twelve stars. Behind her
rose two snowy wings and in her hands she held a sceptre.

All around, beneath the sweet smile of the Empress,
flowers and buds opened their dewy, green leaves. Her
whole dress was covered with them as though each newly
opened flower were reflected in it or had engraved itself
thereon and thus become part of her garment.
The sign of Venus, the goddess of love, was chiselled
on her marble throne.

"Queen of life," I said, "why is it so bright and joyful all about
you? Do you not know of the grey weary autumn, of the cold,
white winter? Do you not know of death and graveyards with
black graves, damp and cold? How can you smile so joyfully on
the opening flowers, when everything is destined to death, even
that which has not yet been born?"

For answer the Empress looked on me still smiling and, under
the influence of that smile, I suddenly felt a flower of some clear
understanding open in my heart.

Judgement ~ Meaning and Symbolism


I saw an ice plain, and on the horizon, a chain of
snowy mountains. A cloud appeared and began to grow
until it covered a quarter of the sky. Two fiery wings
suddenly expanded in the cloud, and I knew that I beheld
the messenger of the Empress.

He raised a trumpet and blew through it vibrant,
powerful tones. The plain quivered in response to him
and the mountains loudly rolled their echoes. One after
another, graves opened in the plain and out of them came
men and women, old and young, and children. 

They stretched out their arms toward the Messenger of the
Empress to catch the sounds of his trumpet.

And in its tones I felt the smile of the Empress and in
the opening graves I saw the opening flowers whose
fragrance seemed to be wafted by the outstretched arms.
Then I understood the mystery of birth in death.