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Two-Card Tarot Spread

Two-card spreads answer individual questions as well. For two-card spreads, there are two proposed strategies. Next, use the Fan Technique discussed in the previous segment to shuffle. Have the Seeker pick Card 1 and position it, per the form being used, on the table as seen below. Then, pick Card 2 for the Seeker.

Think of the two-card spread system A as a simple extension. What equals Card 1 plus Card 2? The reaction to the query is that number.

Card 1 reveals the heart of the matter for the Method B two-card spread, the response to the Seeker's question. Card 2 will either suggest the challenges blocking Card 1, alert the Seeker of potential problems or situations that could blur the objectives of the Seeker, or it may display what the Seeker can expect ahead of time, a forecast of what is to come after the events of Card 1. The two cards, then, are a series of cause and effect. The indication that Card 2 carries on in a reading depends on the claimant, the purpose of the investigation, and the circumstance.

Consider the left edge as it faces you to be the bottom edge of the card and the right edge as it faces you to be the top edge, to decide whether Card 2 is upright or reverse.

In the left example, as illustrated above, Card 2 is upright and the bottom edge of the deck is the left edge as it faces you. The Seeker will soon begin a new quest, considering the recent defeats or failure shown by the Three of Blades, maybe a new endeavor that will reclaim a sense of intent in the life of the Seeker. For now, The Seeker will launch herself into her job and the results will be fruitful.

Card 2 is inverted in the proper example. In addition to the recent loses or failure, there will be more difficulties to face and failures in the current endeavor of the Seeker, in comparison to the previous reading. Continued complications may arise that tend to obstruct or discourage the Seeker from going beyond the wound of the Three of Swords. Somehow, the agony of the Three of Swords and her failure to progress in the new endeavor are intertwined, and before she can excel, the conflict needs to be overcome.

In fact, two-card readings enable you to apply simple dignities to synthesize the two cards into one coherent message to the Seeker.