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Essential Keys Tarot Spread

When to Use The Essential Keys Spread?

If I find myself in a party environment where many people order tarot readings one after the other, I would go for the spread of the Vital or Essential Keys, which is just five cards, and instead of addressing a single query, it gives a holistic snapshot of the character and life trajectory of the Seeker. 

Through the distribution of the Essential Keys, I can touch on the main points that the Seeker wants to hear about where he or she is right now and I can do that in about five to ten minutes, most importantly.

A card with a Signifier is optional. What to enquire when using a Signifier:

Miss the signifier if time is of the essence. If there is time for the signifier, for the Seeker's sign, chat about the personality correspondences. 

For starters, whether the Seeker is a Libra and therefore an Air sign, give a few key highlights about the inherent characteristics of the Seeker as an Air sign, e.g., born warriors or soldiers, sometimes engaged in dissent, vulnerable to sudden bursts of attention or interest in something, and then they lose the focus and become distracted; they are society's thinkers and philosophers.

On awareness and facts, they excel. With the gift of words, they're also excellent communicators or orators. 

Be careful to alert the Seeker that those inherent traits may have altered nurture, the environment, and the choices the Seeker has made.

How to read the Essential Keys Spread:

1. Card 1 illustrates the present character or current condition of the Seeker. 

2. This card tells you who the Seeker is, the Self. Where the Seeker comes from, and the past that always has an impact on the present, is Card 2.

Place Card 3 slightly above and to the right of Card 1, then cross it with Card 4, unlike a three-card past, current, future arrangement. 

3. Card 3 demonstrates the capabilities of the Seeker. This is what the Seeker is good at, e.g., business ability, skills, intrinsic gifts, learned expertise, insights that place the Seeker for success, etc. 

4. Card 4 crosses Card 3 and reflects the passions, interests, loves, of the Seeker.

Note if the two cards drawn respectively for Cards 3 and 4 appear to compliment or contradict each other. 

In unity, are they aligned? 

Or is there a conflict between the strengths of the seeker and the passions of the seeker? 

This cross of cards will indicate whether the Seeker is satisfied or whether the Seeker secretly desires to try a greater endeavor, but has so far been hesitant to be proactive about it.

5. Card 5 illustrates the most likely conclusion depending on the current life trajectory of the Seeker. The card indicates where the seeker is heading. 

In conclusion, I will note some patterns, repetitions, or dominant elements and give the Seeker some insight into their context.

Notice, however, that the spread of the Essential Keys is broad and will most likely only disclose the Seeker's most specific and general knowledge. 

Therefore, I reserve it for gatherings, meetings with friends or relatives, conventions, or fairs where a number of individuals are waiting to read their tarot cards. 

Instead of digging deeper into each card's intricacies, I'm just going to touch on the keywords. 

When using the Essential Keys spread, I don't take individual queries. I let the Seekers know that there will be a general reading to come, and we will follow where the cards will lead.