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The Study of Tarot

The primary objective is to explain how to use the Tarot cards in order to ignite one's imagination and provoke reflection, thus bringing to the surface of the consciousness of the tarot student those wonderful, universal concepts of nature, human life and occult science that lie concealed within every human heart.

All these ideals are based on a single, fundamental and primordial reality and the belief that in every human being, knowledge of that truth is innate; but it is not available to us until it has been rediscovered and resurfaced in the light of consciousness. The ancient temple entrances often bore the sayings, "Know Thyself", as  Jesus said, "Seek first the kingdom of God, which is within you;" and as Eckhartshausen stated: "As infinity in numbers loses itself in the unit which is their basis, and as the innumerable rays of a circle, are united in a single center, so it is also with the Mysteries; their hieroglyphics and infinitude of emblems have the object of exemplifying but one single truth. He who knows this has found the key to understand everything, and all at once."

The rich symbolism and ingenious construction make the Tarot the greatest choice for genuine occult education among all tools, i.e, to "draw out" the intelligence concealed in man's heart. Proper understanding of these symbols, however, includes solid knowledge and a detailed analysis of the elements of the Qabalah. The ten Sephiroth are rings. Their numbers are printed above their names, and from the Sorcerer to the Wheel of Fortune, they are also the numbers of the Tarot trumps. The numbers of the major trumps that also correspond to such Sephiroths are below the Sephirotic names.

I would indicate to those who are critical that some of the interpretations for the Tarots are different from most of those shared before, that a majority of the Tarot's explanations that have found their way into books have been primarily derived on the false attribution of the Tarot to Hebrew alphabets used by Eliphas Levi. Levi certainly understood the accurate attribution, but deliberately withheld it for a justification that seemed enough to him.

Let it be clear that it is offered openly and on time for the benefit of those who should doubt the wisdom of publishing this attribution. This scheme is dedicated, following Court de Gebelin, who makes the zero card head the set of major trumps, and Levi, who says the cards illustrate the occult sense of the Hebrew alphabet; and its effects in the analysis of symbolism are ample evidence of its accuracy.

The Tarot's divinatory applications are various, and a considerable number appear to deprecate its contribution to the practice of divination. Nobody who is not completely grounded in the theory of cares, wherein lies the very creation of our potential life from a complex collection of possibilities rooted both within us and predisposed in the contours of our natural world, will achieve the greatest results in forecasting or foretelling the probabilistic future events using the Tarot spreads as a divinatory tool. For detailed divination, acquaintance with the astrological meanings is basically indispensable. Highly suggested is a study of the astrological and divinatory applications of this remarkable symbol alphabet.