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Strength - Meaning and Symbolism


In the midst of a green plain, surrounded by blue hills,
I saw a woman with a lion. Girdled with wreaths of roses,
a symbol of infinity over her head, the woman calmly and
confidently covered the lion's mouth and the lion
obediently licked her hand.

"This is a picture of power", said the voice. "It has
different meanings. First it shows the power of love. Love
alone can conquer wrath. Hatred feeds hatred. Remember
what Zarathustra said: "Let man be freed from vengeance;
this is a bridge for me which leads to higher hope and a
rainbow in heaven after long storms."

"Then it shows power of unity. These wreaths of roses
suggest a magic chain. Unity of desires, unity of aspirations
creates such power that every wild, uncontrolled,
unconscious force is subdued. Even two desires, if united,
are able to conquer almost the whole world.

"The picture also shows the power of infinity, that
sphere of mysteries. For a consciousness that perceives the
symbol of infinity above it, knows no obstacles and
cannot be withstood."