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A Variety of Tarot Spreads for a Variety of Purposes

The methods of reading per say are only a perspective represented by a few spreads such as those set out below. The best solution is not provided by them alone. For example, the Celtic Cross technique has many variants and meanings, and the better-known forms are worth attempting. 

In a spread arranged in multiple ways, each reader will bring cards down in their own unique and personal way. Depending on whether it faces the tarot practitioner or the seeker, whether a card should be read as upright or as reversed often varies from practitioner to practitioner.

Which way is up, which way is down, what is left and what is right are based on what you’re used to as the professional and the relation you have made with your cards. You may read the cards as they face you, so the tarot deck being used will be attuned to you, the practitioner, am the medium for the Seeker. The cards are thus read in front of you, the practitioner. 

However, for the benefit of their clients, many professional tarot readers will set the cards down facing the client and then read accordingly. That will certainly take some practice for a beginner reader.

What you ought to do is get into a consistent routine and attune your deck to your habits. That is how you establish your own spreads. 

Often, the spreads are only there as recommendation points. Please research and find other spreads as guidelines for personal clarity in your readings, and then always continue to explore and practice new spreads that may enhance the quality of your readings. 

You can devise spreads with arrangements that function best for you through practice, experience, and some intuition.

Please scroll below and select an elementary spread of your choice to learn more:

Seven Chakras Spread