Four-Card Tarot Spread

 The four-card spread is based on the three-card spread, with an extra card helping to round out the Card 1. signs. Between Cards 1 and 2, a cross is created, which helps to define the crux of the matter at hand.

 For the four-card spread, the conventional approach to drawing the cards should be followed after shuffling. Both general and individual questions can be answered by four-card spreads. If the practitioner wishes to use the Seeker's signifier cards, first put the signifier card on the table and then place Card 1 directly on top of it.

On top of the signifier, Card 1 goes. Card 1 indicates the present situation, or the "heart of the matter." Card 2 is the difficulty or obstacle to be met, or as a result of Card 1, it can mean what is directly ahead. Card 3 illustrates effects from the past on the new situation. The most probable potential result, or the "answer" card, is card 4.