How To Perform A Simple Tarot Ritual?

To perform a simple Tarot Card ritual is very easy. I will go through the steps below. 

Please note, you may perform these rituals at any time. 

In this case, you do not need to wait for specific days to arrive. 

The Tarot cards themselves have a self-possessed power and do not rely on astrological forces, although taking them into account will not impede your outcome. 

1. Place the main tarot card at the center. 

  • For example, if we are using the fool card as the main driver for the ritual you would put it in the center of your altar. 


2. Pick up the main card and think about the intention you have for this ritual. 


3. Offer a prayer to the tarot's spiritual guardians. 

  • You may use your wording, this is just an example that I use. 


4. Place the main card back in its place. 


5. From the same deck, randomly pull out 5 cards. 

  • Place those cards in such a way that they encircle the main card. 


6. Place the candle right before the 1st card. 

  • You can light and place the incense wherever you like.  

  • The incense is more for the ambience. 


7. Visualize a white light coming and encircling the main card. 


8. Sit in silence and think about your intended outcome. 


9. Take out a tarot card book and read the descriptions of the 5 cards that are encircling the main card. 

  • Does it give you any insight into your issue?


10. Thank the spiritual guardians of the tarot and release them. 


11. For the next 10 days, carry the main card with you wherever you go. 

  • Place it under your pillow at night. Every time you touch it, think of your intention. 

That concludes the ritual. 

You see? Not very difficult is it? 

Do not believe those who would have you do elaborate rituals that require you to do things that are burdensome. 

Magick is natural and should come as naturally to you as drinking water. 

Elaborate rituals only serve the egoic tendency for structure and do nothing to contribute to the actual magick itself. 

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