Six Controversies Tarot Spread or The Six Points Tarot Spread

The number six holds deep spiritual significance for many religious faiths and represents the bridge between the higher realm and the lower realm of the universal consciousness. The number six is also associated with choices and the need to find balance between give and take, and yin and yang. It encompasses the theory of binary forces of life and also trinities. Mathematically, the number six is a perfect number and also a harmonic divisor. In this spread, it is used to extrapolate the six points or six controversies of a specific issue that the Seeker is concerned about.

 By “controversy,” what I mean here is a point of tension that obstructs the Seeker from the desired outcome. Thus, the six controversies are an answer key for the Seeker that represent why there is flux in a specific area of the Seeker’s life. Thus, this spread is used for specific inquiries. It is less suitable for general inquiries. That said, if a Seeker is feeling lost, aimless, or stuck in life, this spread may help to pinpoint the six roadblocks that the Seeker needs to clear immediately to advance forward.

 I use the names “Six Points” and “Six Controversies” interchangeably. Sometimes I’ll refer to the spread as “Six Points” when I want to take a gentler approach with a Seeker. However, I feel the name “Six Controversies” is a more accurate descriptive of how this spread functions. They represent points of contention or strife in the Seeker’s situation, or conflicts: the Seeker’s conflict with him- or herself, the Seeker’s conflict with another person, or the Seeker’s conflict with his or her community or environment. They are the six knots that the Seeker must loosen to move forward.

 Unlike other spreads, where each card position has an assigned meaning, the Six Points Spread should be read cohesively and intuitively. The six cards collaborate with one another to express a narrative. Although there may be only six cards here, the spread is deceptive in its appearance of simplicity. This is a more advanced spread that should be attempted only after mastering the other foundational spreads.